Wow; well, it’s a new year

Yea. So, I have been very negligent in keeping up to date on these posts. New Year’s resolution is to try to get one or two posts a week uploaded over the next year. Hopefully. Optimism remains high. We shall see how will I do.

One thing I have noticed while doing the PhD is how much there is to do, how much there is to learn, and how little time I actually have. It really comes into focus when you move away from a 9-5 to a more free-form schedule. Setting daily, weekly, and monthly project deadlines and to-do lists is so critical to getting things accomplished.

Moving into the next year, I have some very large items lining up. First, my science and technology paper, a requisite for moving to candidacy will be finished and defended, my dissertation proposal will be presented to my committee first week in April, I will be attending an open-source analysis workshop and the New Era Foreign Policy Conference, and have two business ventures underway. One should be up and running by April, the second is more of a fun undertaking to establish a non-profit with my mom. Should be a very busy year!

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