Been away

While I am sure I have only but a few readers thus far, thought I should explain my absence. Summer was kicking my butt. I spent it teaching, finishing up several projects, trying to get a few papers ready to send out for publication consideration, and traveling just a bit. Overall, a fairly hectic summer.

On the bright side, I am done with course work and pretty much just doing research now. I have an idea for a S&T paper that the degree requires and I am about 2 months out from taking my qualifying exams. So, a busy couple of months in store, but less restricted in terms of time commitments. Should enable me to finish some posts I have had sitting and getting started on a few other things.

Three major things I am looking at right now are: characteristics of networks that contribute to nuclear proliferation, how states respond in crisis, and reading up on securitization theory. Overall keeping busy.

All that said, goal is to start getting a post a week up here, as well as posting some of my other works that are nearing completion.

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