My past research has focused primarily on issues of nuclear security and proliferation. Below are the projects I have contributed to. Additionally, data sets under development are listed below.

  • Technology and Threat Perception: Nuclear Technology as a Determinant of Threat
  • Radiological and Nuclear Smuggling: A Network Analysis Approach
  • China’s Naval Intentions: Empirical Review of Chinese Maritime Activities since 1985
  • Proximity to Power: A Geographic Perspective on Nuclear Proliferation
  • Strategic Implications of a Delayed US/ROK 123 Agreement
  • The Nonproliferation Value of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: A Constructivist Perspective
  • Pyroprocessing and the Republic of Korea: A Policy Review
  • Nuclear Proliferation and Tacit Knowledge: Network Approach to Domestic Knowledge Development

Data Set Collections

  • Illicit Incidents of Nuclear and Radiological Material since 2000
  • Collection of Geographic Details of Nuclear Facilities
  • Chinese Naval Activity (Port Calls, Maritime Cooperation, Military Exercises)