Article on Nuclear Forensics

A bit late, but I had an article published in the Federation of American Scientists’ quarterly journal, Public Interest Report.The article, “False Hope of Nuclear Forensics? Assessing the Timeliness of Forensics Intelligence”, analyzes the dynamics of terrorism response alongside the likely timeline for meaningful intelligence from forensics following a nuclear or radiological attack.

A short excerpt:

While nuclear forensics may not be able to contribute information quickly enough to guide policymakers in their retaliatory decision-making following terrorist attacks, nuclear forensics does have significant merit. Nuclear forensics will be able to rule people out. It will be able to guide decisions for addressing the environmental disaster. Forensics also has significant political importance, as it can be used in a post-hoc situation following retaliation to possibly justify any action taken. It will also continue to be important in pre-detonation interdiction situations, where it has been advanced and excelled to-date, providing valuable information on the trafficking of illicit materials.

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