Wow; well, it’s a new year

Yea. So, I have been very negligent in keeping up to date on these posts. New Year’s resolution is to try to get one or two posts a week uploaded over the next year. Hopefully. Optimism remains high. We shall see how will I do. One thing I have noticed while doing the PhD is […]

Been away

While I am sure I have only but a few readers thus far, thought I should explain my absence. Summer was kicking my butt. I spent it teaching, finishing up several projects, trying to get a few papers ready to send out for publication consideration, and traveling just a bit. Overall, a fairly hectic summer. On […]

Japan’s Nuclear Policy

Norihiro Kato of Waseda University in Tokyo has a recent opinion piece in the NY Times, entitled Ambiguities of Japan’s Nuclear Policy. The OpEd argues that Japan has maintained a “technological deterrent” by having the breakout capacity to achieve a nuclear weapon quickly if so provoked. This is achieved by maintain the material to create a device […]

Sam Nunn Policy Forum

As those that follow me on Twitter are definitely aware of, yesterday was the biennial Sam Nunn Policy Forum at Georgia Tech. The purpose of the Forum is to bring together diverse array of scholars to discuss a major, developing policy issue. The statement of purpose from the website is: The Policy Forum is designed to […]

Debating the Thorium Fuel Cycle

A recent article in the Economist on the potential expansion of a Thorium-based nuclear fuel cycle to produce energy. While the article does provide an adequate summary of how thorium fuel cycle would operate, of few of the technical details are a bit lacking and do required additional nuance:. Such things include: no commercial reactors […]

Greetings and salutations

Welcome one and all to the magic that is my internet page/blog/salon (a la Revolutionary France). I have integrated my professional (read: advertising) site with a site on commentary, reflection, and research. I have been hesitant to do this for a long time, for fear that my opinion would negatively impact future job prospects, tenure, […]