New Article on US/ROK 123 Agreement

I have a new article in Science & Diplomacy entitled “Approaches to Nuclear Cooperation: A Review of the U.S.-ROK Agreement,” which examines the US/South Korea 123 Agreement. The piece attempts to distill the context and motivations for both parties and what the agreement means moving forward, both for US/ROK relations, nuclear energy in ROK, and the larger […]

SWU math and IR-40

Reporting indicates that Iran will concede to a compromise on the IR-40 reactor at Arak. They will “redesign” the research reactor to cut output to one-tenth the planned size (assume from 40MW to 4MW). In terms of material: The amount of plutonium the reactor will be able to yield will be reduced to less than 1 kg (2.2 […]

Sam Nunn Policy Forum

As those that follow me on Twitter are definitely aware of, yesterday was the biennial Sam Nunn Policy Forum at Georgia Tech. The purpose of the Forum is to bring together diverse array of scholars to discuss a major, developing policy issue. The statement of purpose from the website is: The Policy Forum is designed to […]