SWU math and IR-40

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Reporting indicates that Iran will concede to a compromise on the IR-40 reactor at Arak. They will “redesign” the research reactor to cut output to one-tenth the planned size (assume fr... Read More

NPT PrepCom Visit

I am in New York this week to attend meetings and observe at the 2014 Preparatory Meetings for the 2015 NPT Review Conference. The meetings began last week, covering issues of disarmament and nonprol... Read More

Sam Nunn Policy Forum

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As those that follow me on Twitter are definitely aware of, yesterday was the biennial Sam Nunn Policy Forum at Georgia Tech. The purpose of the Forum is to bring together diverse array of scholars t... Read More

Greetings and salutations

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Welcome one and all to the magic that is my internet page/blog/salon (a la Revolutionary France). I have integrated my professional (read: advertising) site with a site on commentary, reflection, and ... Read More