The dreaded literature review

I must admit, as a researcher and aspiring academic, I find the literature review process to be the largest hurdle to overcome in my work. It’s not the copious amount of reading, nor is it the unrelenting and necessary note-taking, nor is it tracking and organizing citations. For me, it is the crippling uncertainty that […]

Article on Nuclear Forensics

A bit late, but I had an article published in the Federation of American Scientists’ quarterly journal, Public Interest Report.The article, “False Hope of Nuclear Forensics? Assessing the Timeliness of Forensics Intelligence”, analyzes the dynamics of terrorism response alongside the likely timeline for meaningful intelligence from forensics following a nuclear or radiological attack. A short excerpt: […]

New Article on US/ROK 123 Agreement

I have a new article in Science & Diplomacy entitled “Approaches to Nuclear Cooperation: A Review of the U.S.-ROK Agreement,” which examines the US/South Korea 123 Agreement. The piece attempts to distill the context and motivations for both parties and what the agreement means moving forward, both for US/ROK relations, nuclear energy in ROK, and the larger […]

The Lavizan-3 Site

Today, a short piece I did on the allegations that there is a secret centrifuge facility at the Matiran site in Iran was posted today at ArmsControlWonk. It can be found here: Text of the piece: The Lavizan-3 Site Phillip Baxter On Tuesday, the exiled National Council of Resistance of Iran announced that Iran had […]

What I read in 2014

In recent years my mom and I have engaged in a competition to see who can read the most over the course of the year. This past year we opened it up to a few other people and set weird rules. Regardless, I thought I would throw up what I read last year. It is obvious […]

Wow; well, it’s a new year

Yea. So, I have been very negligent in keeping up to date on these posts. New Year’s resolution is to try to get one or two posts a week uploaded over the next year. Hopefully. Optimism remains high. We shall see how will I do. One thing I have noticed while doing the PhD is […]

Rethinking Strategic Stability – Part 1

This past week I attended meetings with the former head of STRATCOM in which deterrence and strategic stability were a key focus. The former official mentioned a couple of times the article a few years ago by the ‘4 Horsemen’, in which the statesmen argue that nuclear weapons are now destabilizing, rather than stabilizing. This is a […]

Been away

While I am sure I have only but a few readers thus far, thought I should explain my absence. Summer was kicking my butt. I spent it teaching, finishing up several projects, trying to get a few papers ready to send out for publication consideration, and traveling just a bit. Overall, a fairly hectic summer. On […]